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Sligo Restaurants

Eat Well in Sligo

Sligo city center in seemly small but it has many nice and cozy places to go, sit, and relax while enjoying the well-prepared food by experienced chefs. There are places to suit and fit everyone’s needs and criteria on choosing the specific dish, from Chinese, Indian, to traditional Irish or Continental.

Sligo is also well known for live music and events happening all through the year.

Sligo Entertainment


Sligo Park Hotel

Sligo’s 4 Star Hotel

Sligo Park Hotel is one of the most luxurious places to accommodate yourself or the whole family in Sligo City. Because of the 4 star rating, Sligo Park Hotel is very popular, famous, and a favorite place for wedding parties, conferences, or family weekends. Anyone can enjoy the luxury of hotel rooms or the leisure centre with gym and large swimming pool.

Sligo IT

IT Sligo

Sligo town is proud of having one of the best and most respected education institutes not just in Ireland, but also the entire Europe. Institute of Technology Sligo is graduating hundreds of students every year, and has very high graduation success rate. The students are coming from all around the world to study and be a part of Sligo IT family.

Sligo Cinema Entertainment

Sligo City Entertainment

Sligo is the most cultural place in county Sligo, but also in the whole North-West region of Ireland. Sligo city is mostly known for the diversity of Irish pubs, clubs, and restaurants, but also the other kind of fun and entertainment such as newly rebuilt and innovated Sligo cinema movie theater.

Visit the Sligo cinema and enjoy your favorite movie!